Like many, I first learned to bake from my mom and grandma. Some of my fondest memories growing up were spent in the kitchen baking cookies at Christmastime with them.

Fast forward years later in college, I found out I had an affinity for languages – particularly the French language. I embarked on an eight-month journey post-college to teach English to French middle schoolers in the Southwest of France.

Aside from teaching, most of my time was spent visiting local boulangeries (bread bakeries) and pâtisseries (pastry shops) and experimenting with French recipes.


Each time I bit into a perfectly “croustillante” (crispy) French baguette or flaky pâtisserie, I transported into a world where I could only focus on indulging in that baked good.

I wanted to bring this same experience back to Central Minnesota, and to never use preservatives in the production of the baked goods, much like how it is in France.

That is where my mission transpired – to transport customers into a world of baked good indulgence, bringing back cherished memories of time spent in mom’s and grandma’s kitchens. 

Chelsea Rutz